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My name is Michael and I'm the creator of Inspire Your Success. My goal is to give you the tools, resources, and inspiration to build an epic freelance writing business.


  1. Derek @ Money by Dad says

    Congrats on the book! That has been something on my list for years but I haven’t worked up the courage to start working on one yet.

    Look forward to following along with your journey. You’re killing it so far!

    • Michael L says

      Thanks Derek much appreciated. You can definitely do it with a plan and mini-deadlines.

      Just start writing 30 mins a day and see where it goes, no downsides!

  2. Hannah says

    This is so comprehensive! I would love to write a book in the future. Definitely will be referring back to your simple guide when its time!

    • Michael L says

      Thanks I really appreciate it! I’ve found any big goal is achievable by breaking it down into little steps to gain momentum from each victory.

  3. FrugalView says

    Writing and producing a book is something I have recently researched myself. It is something that I want to get around to in the near future and this article has definitely provided me with some things to think about that I previously hadn’t considered. Thank you for this article.

  4. Tina says

    Thank you for this article! I have 2 books written but haven’t done anything with them. The editing advice was awesome! I will be saving this for future reference. It seems more doable to me now. Thank you again!

  5. shelly Clanton says

    Congratulations on your book. I am in the process of writing a book but I do not know what my next step should be. Can you give me some pointers please

    • Michael Leonard says

      Congrats Shelly! Once it’s done I recommend doing 2 edits yourself and asking a friend or hiring a professional editor. Then get out and start promoting. Writing is part I but promoting is another thing entirely.

  6. Kayla says

    Congrats! I’m still young but I am trying to write a book, I’ve been writing for myself for a few years now. One day I want to be able to get an actual book published.

    • Michael Leonard says

      Nice Job Kayla — congrats on getting started! I was there for a while too, I recommend setting a deadline so you can create some urgency and stick to it. Have a draft, edited, and final deadline. Let me know if I can help!

  7. Lindsey Cooper says

    Hi Michael –
    This is a great post! Thank you so much for sharing! Did you have a word count that you tried to hit for each time you sat down to write? I have started writing, but I just have a hard time sticking with stuff, so I am trying to give myself something to work towards! Thanks for any info you can provide! 🙂


    • Michael Leonard says

      Hey Lindsey,

      Sometimes I did, not always though. I def would recommend scheduling it out, working for 25 mins then taking 5 mins off (Pomodoro technique), and try to do it daily at the same time if possible. That will help create it a habit.

  8. Michelle Belascuain says

    Thank you for sharing your ideas in becoming a published author. I’m excited to write my first book. I can do it.

    • Michael Leonard says

      Hi Michelle…you can absolutely do it! Let me know if I can help with your book at all.

      Remember, make sure to get the outline done first and set deadlines to hold yourself accountable. Good luck!


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